Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hi, My name is Naoko and I am Japanese; live in Edinburgh.

As you know, 11th March last Friday, the Tohoku earthquake had changed the lives
of many people in Japan.
I want to do something to help those affected and lost everything!

To make my contribution, I decided to knit "Amigurumi" (Crochet animals) and
sell them at a shop. I will then donate 100% of sales to the Japan Red Cross.

And, here are some favours I would like to ask to all knitting / crocheting

1. Please support me with leftover wool if you have.
(this will help me to continue knitting for

2. Please donate some knitted animals if you have.
(this will help to raise more money)
I only have 7 knitted animals so far, either way your help would be greatly

All amigurumi are original.

I already have an agreement with a shop in Grassmarket that Amigurumi can be
sold with no overhead cost. This mean that all the money raised from this
fundrasing will go to the Japan Red Cross to help people in needs.

I will make sure to report back the result of all support and donations to the group via email.

This is the first time for me to organise this sort of thing, so I would
appreciate any supports, advises on this.
If you have any inquiries please get in touch with me via email

I will try my best to answer all the question you may have.

Thank for your time and your support.
Your support will give us hope which all we need right now.


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